HTP Trains Technology Startups to Attract Investments

HTP Trains Technology Startups to Attract Investments
22 May 2015
22 May 2015
On May 13-15, the Hi-Tech Park hosted a workshop session where young IT entrepreneurs learnt how to make their projects attractive to investors. The event was intended for entrepreneurs who implement technology projects and specialists from universities, research institutes and innovative companies interested in effective implementation of startup projects.

Alexey Naumovich (SkyWay): "I am here to get new knowledge in investment and venture capital, and find out what we should do to attract investments and promote our company. In my view, the most valuable thing is the opportunity to fill out an application form which will be processed and forwarded to target customers, funds and business angels – to people we are looking for to attract investments."

The participants received basic information about the investment process, learned the principles of venture business and business angels activity, assessment criteria for technology projects used by venture investors, and examples of Russian and international experience in public and private investment and successful project presentation. The participants worked on their projects using the obtained information and prepared presentations for investors trying to level weaknesses of their projects. Each participant had the opportunity to get an individual advice on how to prepare the project to investments and start up a business on schedule.

Yury Sudarev, head of the HTP business incubator: "We are planning to implement various programs to support innovative entrepreneurship in the HTP business incubator. This program is organized together with the Russian Venture Company and focuses primarily on providing practical assistance to startup projects in attracting investments.

We are willing to learn the experience of our partners – RVC and GenerationS – to develop mechanisms for venture capital funding in our country. The regional workshop session being held in Minsk proves that our Russian partners are interested in Belarusian projects and acknowledge the competence and high-level skills of Belarusian professionals. Such events help to increase the number and quality of high-tech solutions and promote further development of startups."

Alex Azyabov: "We are developing a project on fuel flow and level sensors production. I am responsible for the economic part of the business plan and, accordingly, trying to find here the right way to write this part. I would like to understand whether I have collected everything right, whether there is enough information, and if I have chosen the right form to present it. It is very useful to deconstruct practical cases – what is enough and what lacks, what information should be presented, what interferes in the decision-making process, what visualization to choose, etc. I attended other workshops and can say that this one is really high-level. The coaches provided the amount of information equal to a month or even more of independent work."

The idea of creating the infrastructure to promote the development of Belarusian startup projects was introduced when establishing the Hi-Tech Park. "Belarus has no natural resources. We does not have oil, we does not have gas. But we have the most valuable asset – human resources. Our main task is to invest in this asset – to give people the knowledge that would help them to make money. For this purpose, we have created 65 laboratories in Belarusian universities, established the HTP educational center and recently opened the business incubator and we are eager to invest in talented and active young people," noted HTP director Valery Tsepkalo in his interview to the ONT TV channel.

For reference:
The event was organized by the HTP administration together with the Moscow Technological Institute (MTI) and the Russian Venture Company (RVC).
Regional workshop sessions are free educational programs designed by RVC for specialists from universities, research institutes and innovative companies and managers of investment funds in regions where venture capital ecosystem is being developed.
MTI continues to register projects to participate in the pre-accelerator program GenerationS.

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