HTP Awarded #IT_link Winners

HTP Awarded #IT_link Winners
28 May 2015
28 May 2015
On May 28, the Hi-Tech Park hosted the #IT_link awards ceremony.
Two months, over 600 participants, 4 categories – #IT_link has become a truly huge event for school students of all grades.

The contest was organized by the Hi-Tech Park and the Minsk Region Institute for Education Development with the support of the Minsk Region Executive Committee.

School students competed in 4 categories – IT Through Children’s Eyes (a drawing contest for students in grades 1-3), IT Fantasy (a craft contest for students in grades 4-6), IT Profession (a career contest for students in grades 7-9) and IT Idea (a mobile development contest for students in grades 10-11).

Before the awards ceremony began, the final of IT Idea was held. High school students presented their products to the judges:
Alexander Martinkevich, Deputy Director of the Hi-Tech Park;
Vadim Zelenkov, Director at HTP Educational Center;
Dasha Antonovich, Deputy Director at HTP Educational Center;
Igor Yudin, CEO & Co-founder at "Red Rock".

Ilya Karpuk, a 10th-grade student of Starye Dorogi School No.3, was named the winner in the IT Idea category. He shared his impressions: "I liked the contest immensely. First of all, I would like to thank the judges. I have participated in many hackathons, conferences and contests with strict and bored judges who expect you to generate a million-dollar idea. #IT-link is a different story. When I had troubles while demonstrating my project, they were friendly, joked and made me feel entirely at ease, and that helped me to win. The categories and prizes are also worth mentioning. I believe that the first three categories are a bit more important than IT Idea because we need to develop the IT industry in Belarus which requires software developers and other IT professionals, and the first three categories encourage younger school students to pursue a career in IT. Many students were awarded and all prizes were really good. I hope that I will take part in a new contest in the Hi-Tech Park soon."

Dasha Antonovich: "The participants presented surprisingly interesting and innovative ideas. This is great that school students write their own code, develop their own programs. It proves that they are truly motivated to succeed in this field. And they will! The only thing I would like to advise is to speak and learn how to present and defend their ideas effectively. It is a useful skill."

Alexander Martinkevich welcomed winners, their teachers, parents and friends in the HTP business incubator.
Winners in the IT Through Children’s Eyes category were the first to receive their awards.

Svetlana Sitnikova, Principal of the Minsk Region Institute for Education Development, awarded winners of IT Fantasy.

Winners of IT Profession were awarded by Alexandra Lupanova, senior marketing specialist at System Technologies.

Igor Yudin and Dasha Antonovich awarded winners of IT Idea.

After the awards ceremony, students visited the Exhibition of IT Achievements in the HTP business incubator and the office ofEPAM Systems.

We congratulate the participants and the winners, their teachers and parents!

We thank the HTP resident-companies for their support in organizing the contest:

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.