Aist Tech”

LLC «Aist Tech» was founded in 2019

As of December 2019, the Company employed 2 people. However, Aist Tech is actively recruiting new employees. So far, the Company has short-listed 5 candidates, who are in the process of going through online training, prepared by the founders of Aist Tech. Those interns who successfully complete training and pass the exam will be offered full-time employment at Aist Tech.

The Company plans to provide business process automatization services and to develop corresponding solutions. In addition, Aist Tech plans to develop it's own out of the box solutions for select industries, such as transportation & logistics, banking, ans insurance. Aist Tech expects to generate revenus by selling subscriptions and licenses to its products and services.

Key areas of software development: RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

In November 2019, Aist Tech signed a partnership agreement with Work Fusion.

UNP: 193312794
City: Mogilev
Legal address: 34 Lugovaya St.
Phone: +1 407 668 6559
Year of foundation: 2019

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Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.