LLC AppXite

The Limited Liability Company »AppXite« was registered and started its activity in
Minsk on May 19, 2017.

The LLC “AppXite” is a subsidiary of AppXite (SIA Panoploy), established in 2014. Now AppXite is a value-added reseller (VAR) that helps to scale ISV (Independent software vendor) business by providing services such as Azure lift-and-shift, DevOps & Customer Success Management - for end users and increase Sales through the global platform of partners AppXite.

In additional, AppXite is part of ATEA - the leading provider of solutions for IT infrastructure in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions with an income of 3.3 billion euros and approximately 6,900 employees worldwide (2016). ATEA is presented in 86 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Used technologies, function mechanisms:

  • Microsoft Azure (backend and user interface);

  • Azure SQL server;

  • MVC;

  • C#;

  • ASP.NET Web API - a set of APIs that interact with the user interface and integrate with third-party solutions around the world;

  • Angular 4 (user interface - one-page application);

  • Typescript/JavaScript

UNP: 192817278
City: Array
Legal address: F. Skoriny Street 2, office 6-3
Phone: +375 (29) 120 30 16
Experience: 4 years