Viv Dev

Viv Dev is a mobile product company, founded in 2018. Its product is first in the world
mobile longevity coach that helps delay aging, look and feel younger, increase energy, prevent chronic diseases.

The Viv team of medical doctors have wrapped all the latest research and scattered information out there from 500+ scientific sources into actionable, easy-to-follow programs.

The app customizes programs and life extension routines based on user’s behavior, areas of interest, personal problems, and abilities. As Viv knows the user and its habits better, its AI-based (machine learning) algorithms will outline programs designed specifically for the user.

Category: Health&Fitness

Tech Stack: Go, Swift, Python, Nodejs, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Kotlin, AWS, Docker.

Number of employees: currently 10 employees based in Minsk.

UNP: 193074564
The number of employees: <10
City: Array
Legal address: Kirova str. 8, office 34
Phone: +375293404000
Experience: 3 years