Zorkamobi LLC

Zorkamobi LLC was registered and started its business in Minsk on March 5, 2015. Currently there are 45 employees working for the company. Zorkamobi is focused on Digital Marketing and uses services based business model. The services are provided by means of the Internet. They are software promotion and optimization of media buying and traffic quality control.

Besides, the company develops its own software. PHP, Laravel, Angular, bootstrap, AdminLTE are used for the development. The company was rewarded as #1 in "Mobile CPI / mobile apps promotion" category according to Technology Index 2018 by Adindex. The company was included in AppsFlyer performance index, became the runner-up in the list of the best mobile marketing agencies of 2018 according to Clutch as well as became the certified partner for Adjust and myTarget.

UNP: 192438169
City: Minsk
Legal address: Belarus, Minsk, Nemiga str. 5, off. 67
Phone: +375 (29) 7735125
Email: pvt@zorka.mobi
Year of foundation: 2015

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Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.