Guide for IT-applicants

Hi-Tech Park annually publishes an electronic guide IT-applicants to help high school graduates wishing to become IT specialists and to commit themselves to information technologies.

The guide provides up-to-date and detailed information about the IT faculties of Minsk and regional universities: a description of IT specialities, passing rates for past years, the current cost of study, hostel availability, the differences between the faculties and so on. The guide also contains descriptions of the most widespread IT professions.

To choose a future profession today is not an easy task. The world is facing global changes caused by robotization and active implementation of artificial intelligence. Many of the existing jobs will disappear, while new ones will emerge. Which ones?

The electronic guide helps to look one step ahead - to find out information concerning future jobs and specialities, needs and requirements directly from companies-residents of the Hi-Tech Park. How to get a job at the HTP after graduation? How to start working with IT companies being a student? Here you can find the answers.

More information is in the current guide: «IT-applicant 2020»

If you have questions, please contact the department of educational activities of the Hi-Tech Park Secretariat: