How it works

1. Register a company in Belarus

A company may apply for the HTP resident status only if it is registered as a legal entity of the Republic of Belarus.

2. Study the legislation

It is advised to attentively go through the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of September 22, 2005 No. 12 “On High Tech Park” (as amended by Decree No. 8) and focus on item 3 of the Regulation of HTP, where the spheres of activities for HTP residents are listed.

3. Prepare a business project

There is an approved template of a business project (regulation of the Council of Ministers No. 403 of March 27, 2006), as well as the guidelines on how to do the paper work for a successful submission of documents.

The guidelines issued by the Hi-Tech Park Secretariat are sufficient to allow the applicant to prepare a business project independently and submit it for the HTP resident registration procedure.

Contracting a consulting organization to prepare a business project by no means ensures getting the HTP resident status.

4. Submit the documents to the Hi-Tech Park Secretariat

To be registered as the HTP resident company the following documents should be submitted to the Hi-Tech Park Secretariat:

  • A business project which the applicant suggests to implement in the capacity of the HTP resident;
  • application in the approved form;
  • copy of the charter (foundation agreement – for a commercial entity acting only on the basis of the foundation agreement);
  • copy of a  Certificate on State Registration of the Legal Entity.

Submission requirements are in detail listed in the above mentioned guidelines.

It should be pointed out that the HTP Supervisory board has identified additional requirement to the applicants who plan to carry out activities with tokens.

5. Wait the decision of the Supervisory board

The Hi-Tech Park Secretariat reviews the submitted documents and sends them to the Supervisory board with the conclusion whether it is advisable or not to register the applicant as the HTP resident.

The Supervisory board takes the decision to register (refuse to register) a legal entity as the HTP resident. This decision is taken with due consideration of the importance and impact of the submitted business project for the development of the new and high technologies’ sphere.

The total time limit for the Hi-Tech Park Secretariat  to review the documents and for the Supervisory board to take the decision to register (refuse to register) the applicant as the HTP resident may not exceed one month and 10 days fron the day of the submission of these documents. (Approximately – 40 calendar days).

For additional clarifications please address the Residents’ registration unit of the Hi-Tech Park Secretariat at the following email: or telephone number +375 17 318 69 19.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.