Facts and figures

HTP is an explosive growth of new companies. In 2019 Park’s membership increased by 319 new companies, in 2000-2021 – by 417 more. HTP today is 1065 residents and more than 76 thousand employees.

HTP is attraction for world top-ranking companies. Hi-Tech Park gathers 122 R&D centers of foreign corporations.

HTP is foreign investment. More than 40% of the HTP residents are companies with foreign shares. Foreign direct investments in 2020 amounted to $331,7 mln.

HTP is the leader of foreign trade. HTP residents’ export in 2020 comprised $ 2,7 bln. with the increase of 25 %. It is more than 30% of the total Belarusian export of services. The HTP foreign trade balance in 2020 was plus $2,4 bln.

HTP is the largest driver of Belarusian economy. HTP today is 4% of our country’s GDP.

HTP is a record growth rate. The production volume of the residents in 2020 went up to 7 400 mln. roubles with a 43% increase rate.

HTP is a major taxpayer. According to the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of Belarus, in 2020 the HTP residents paid 418 mln. roubles to the budget.

HTP is new job opportunities. Over 2020 the HTP residents provided more than 10 thousand new working places. 

HTP is the best place to relocate to. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, about 3000 foreign specialists saw it for themselves over the last two years.

HTP is the bright image of the country on the global stage. Annually Hi-Tech Park welcomes dozens of foreign delegations – from high-level country officials to representatives of business and major corporations.

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