For investors

It is favorable to invest in Hi-Tech Park companies! Our residents bring record-breaking profits to the investors.

In recent years there have been several M&A deals completed in HTP. The partners were Facebook, Google, etc. Selling transactions 10-20 times exceeded the amount of initial investments. The largest of them involved Viber (900 mln. USD) and Juno (200 mln. USD).

Institutions of English law, such as a convertible loan, an option agreement, compensation for property losses, an irrevocable power of attorney, a non-competition agreement, etc. are available for investors within the legal field of HTP.

Today more than 1000 companies are attractive in terms of investments.

A number of investment funds from the USA, Russia, the EU and Israel are already actively targeting the Belarusian market.

The Hi-Tech Park suggests creating joint mechanisms of venture finance for doing business in Belarus. It will allow for profitable investment in the fast-growing companies, as well as for the exchange of top-quality technologies and advanced world-level experience.

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