43 new residents join Hi-Tech Park

25 June 2024

43 new companies have been admitted to the family of Hi-Tech Park following the decision of the Supervisory Board. This is already the second intake in 2024.

The new resident companies of the Park offer innovative solutions for education and science, construction and industry, fintech and e-commerce, transport and logistics, energy, blockchain, artificial intelligence and many others. More than 10 companies have been established involving foreign capital, including that from the UAE, Russia and Turkey.

In particular, DevScience plans to develop and produce a hardware and software complex for sports and medicine designed to train such specific qualities as reaction time, spatial coordination, movement speed, multitasking, fast memorization, attentiveness, peripheral vision, endurance, strategy development, prioritization and selection of priority tasks.

The private enterprise Alavir will develop its own EdTech platform designed to integrate tools for training, administration, management and distribution of educational and informational materials, as well as an AI platform for generating media content.

Denviprime will focus on the development of a whole series of products, including, for example, a mobile application to record and conduct fitness exercises for the eyes and head.

The project to create unique, functional and aesthetically pleasing architectural solutions will be implemented by X-Labs Inc. using its own artificial intelligence algorithms.

KolorIT Digital will develop a number of mobile products, among which we would like to outline the application designed to teach a parrot to speak.

LUGER Engineering will be engaged in the production and sales of high-tech medical products. The resident also intends to carry out research and development in the spheres of cardiac surgery, traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery.

LANIT-TECHNOLOGIES MN as a development center of the LANIT companies group (Russian Federation) intends to develop turn-key information systems, implement information and analytical systems, web applications, data repositories and portal solutions.

Development, implementation, maintenance and modification of the Postgre BY database management system will be carried out by the EXAHaus company. The system is an independent branch of the PostgreSQL relational DBMS, extended and supplemented by the company's own developments.

Firm ARS plans to develop applied software for industry.

Today Hi-Tech Park consists of more than 1000 companies.


Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.