Digital Law. The Forum of the Union of Lawyers discusses current topics in crypto sphere

30 November 2023

Minsk is hosting the Forum of the Union of Lawyers “Law in the Modern World”. This is the first largest platform to facilitate a dialog between representatives of legal, business, political and law enforcement communities on legal issues in the interest of citizens and business, improvement of law enforcement practice, promotion of legislative initiatives for the development of legal culture and regulation of social and economic sphere in modern conditions. The event gathered more than 500 people.

The forum includes 5 main areas of discussion: "sovereignty and law", "justice and protection of citizens' rights", "digital law", "law and economy", "law and youth".

IMG_9140.JPGThe section "Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: development prospects and legal regulation tendencies" was attended by Alexander Bazanov, the Director of Hi-Tech Park, who emphasized to the participants, that the adoption of Decree No. 8 "On the development of digital economy" gave green light to a completely new phenomenon. "Belarus already ranks high on the global blockchain map. Since 2017, all market players have recognized the progressive and breakthrough nature of the Belarusian legislation, which has allowed us to enter the top ten most cryptocurrency-friendly global jurisdictions," stressed the Director of Hi-Tech Park.

Today Belarus prioritizes crypto sector regulation development, ensuring close interaction of Hi-Tech Park, private sector and government agencies. This is how, according to Alexander Bazanov, a constructive dialog on the formation of regulatory approaches in the interests of both the state and business is born.

Participants of the section brought up topics related to the current legal regime, applied in Belarus, the formation of a uniform approach to the legal regulation of cryptocurrencies, as well as risks in the sphere of anti-money laundry and combatting the financing of terrorism, opportunities of wider use of digital tokens in modern activities, and much more.

Most of the event was held in an open dialog format, which allowed the participants to ask practical questions of special interest to them, such as tokens as means of payment, foreign economic relations, NFT-tokens, measures taken to verify and identify the client, etc.

During the discussion, the prospects for further development were also voiced. Experts believe that one of the vectors is the expansion of legal opportunities for the use of digital signs (tokens) by real market participants.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.