Hi-Tech Park Director Vsevolod Yanchevsky takes part in International Digital Forum #GBC

18 May 2022

Vsevolod Yanchevskiy, Director of Hi-Tech Park, took part in the 2nd International Digital Forum #GBC (State. Business. Citizens). When addressing the audience, he noted that digital agenda is a much-debated popular trend. This forum is not an exception.

"But here and now, continued Vsevolod Yanchevsky, the Forum brings together precisely those, who not only speak about digitalization, but promote it.  Digital agenda brings in a lot of changes, challenges our routine, and makes usual things unnecessary and unusual things a must-have". 

Digitalization, as stated by the Hi-Tech Park Director, changes life, makes it easier and more convenient, but not at once. "In the beginning there is often a difficult process of breaking through and getting used to the new, saying goodbye to many traditional things and approaches," emphasized Vsevolod Yanchevsky.

He drew attention to the fact that digitalization in Belarus has been supported and patronized by the Head of State for many years in various ways. "Friendly, coordinated cooperation of various government agencies is always the key to success," added head of Hi-Tech Park.

Hi-Tech Park represents the private sector of the IT-community. According to Vsevolod Yanchevsky, there are more than 1,000 residents in the HTP, about 500 of them, along with export-oriented, global products, implement their projects on the domestic market. 

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"The Hi-Tech Park is very closely interconnected with the world products and solutions of our residents worth billions of dollars are successfully sold all over the world, and numerous American, European, Israeli and Asian funds have invested in hundreds of our companies, the speaker emphasized. - Taking all this into account, we consider our most important task to be a technological bridge between the world and Belarus".

About 20 Hi-Tech Park companies took part in the event. "This is a great way to join in the problem of digitalization in the country and to offer own methods to tackle it," said Vsevolod Yanchevsky. 

"Sincere, friendly unity of efforts of private business and the state, support, thorough research and due consideration of the world experience only this will give the most brilliant results. All together we are trying to help the society move into the future. Digitalization makes our lives peaceful, calm and comfortable. It is a beautiful and noble goal", concluded Head of Hi-Tech Park.

The International Digital Forum is held in the country for the second time under the auspices of the regulator in the field of information and communication technologies, the Operations and Analysis Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus. Its purpose is to create dialogue platforms to strengthen cooperation and search for new solutions that can improve efficiency of interaction between the state, business, and citizens, as well as to present achievements of Belarus in digital transformation.

The forum participants included heads of state bodies and organizations, representatives of IT companies, banks, businesses, and social sphere.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.