Hi-Tech Park residents take part in International IT Forum TIBO-2023

19 April 2023

The XXIX International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies "TIBO-2023" has started in Minsk. Innovations in healthcare, agriculture, education, and microelectronics will be displayed for four days. More than 260 organisations will impress the visitors with their developments. Hi-Tech Park's resident companies are among them.

Тибо-2023.JPG"Innotech Solutions" is presenting three IT-products. SofIT is a digital data verification and metering platform designed to ensure prompt collection of electricity meter readings. Sofit-SCADA-Plus is a software package responsible for building up various industrial automation systems. AllBay.by is an electronic trading platform where the system independently selects the best contractor for the customer, provides a guarantee and ensures safe payment.  

ИнноТех .JPG"Gmartikun" demonstrates a "smart" intercom developed entirely in Belarus, which is already being supplied to many new construction sites. It allows to see everyone who rings the doorbell via a smartphone, even if no one is home, and makes it possible to let guests in remotely.

The "LWO" resident company will present the capabilities of the "Open" service. Now every user can open a barrier or an electronic lock using a QR code. The company also presents to the audience the first cloud-based cash register in Belarus. LKassa is a smart solution for entrepreneurs. It helps to avoid incurring unnecessary costs for ICOs and is integrated with the modern "Pay" payment service. Free technical support and advice is available throughout the term of the contract.

IMG_1598.JPGThe company "Vodorod" has valuable projects in its portfolio: YoClick and Booky. YoClick is an application which gathers all the banks of the country. It is a kind of banking aggregator which helps to compare and choose financial products. Booky is an online service for booking meeting rooms and workplaces, designed as modern openspaces.

vadarod.JPGA comprehensive digital platform for sales and service SmartCRM, a user consent management system for personal data processing ST.Consent, and a product that provides centralised storage and management of electronic document archives Shafa are presented by resident company "System Technologies"

IMG_1780.JPG"CometaRad" presents a hardware-software complex for processing, three-dimensional reconstruction, transfer and storage of medical diagnostic images 3D MeD.

"Regula" offers a smart kiosk - a device that gathers the most popular resident’s solutions in the field of biometric identification: document reading, face recognition and document authentication.

Регула.JPG"Misoft" presents its own developments of information systems on the 1C:Enterprise platform. 

"Mind Games Software" is engaged in the development of training solutions for professional training and life safety using virtual and augmented reality, robotics and cabin simulators.

Игры разума.JPGThe TIBO-2023 Forum is a unique platform for the exchange of best practices in information technologies, analysis of the best global practices of digital transformation, and discussion of the prospects for effective use of the latest technological trends in traditional sectors of economy. 

The event will last until 21 April. The III Digital Economy Forum, V Eurasian Digital Forum, and VI Belarusian ICT Summit will be held at the Minsk Arena. Other side events include TIBO Internet Award, the Belarus ICT Startup Award Republican Competition of Startup Projects, the National Qualifying Stage of the VI International Scratch Olympiad in Creative Programming among Schoolchildren, the Minsk Open Tournament in Educational Robotics, and the Republican Championship in CyberSport.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.