Hi-Tech Park residents take part in the International forum “Healthcare of Belarus”

26 April 2024

Minsk is hosting the XXIX International Medical Forum “Healthcare of Belarus-2024”. The specialized exhibition is also featuring solutions of the Hi-Tech Park resident companies Cometa Rad, Platform “Medikt”, Digital Resuscitation, Algimed Techno and Fotek

СometaRad demonstrates a software complex 3D MeD, designed for processing, three-dimensional reconstruction, transmission and storage of medical diagnostic images.


Platform “Medikt” presents smart operating room “Sirius”, which unites the entire surgery suit into a single information space. At the forum, the resident also demonstrates for the first time a navigation surgical system using augmented reality.


Digital Resuscitation tells about the RIAmed product, which is based on algorithms and technologies for real-time collection and processing of big data from medical equipment in order to manage risks when making medical decisions. 

Algimed Techno introduces Novaprep intelligent solution for liquid-based cytology. Novaprep cytologic biomaterial research technology allows to perform additional diagnostic methods (PCR, micro-RNA detection, etc.).


Fotek (the Mediola trademark) tells about comprehensive solutions for the application of laser systems in surgery, including Mediola Compact, Mediola Colibri, Mediola Pump and others.


The XXIX International Medical Forum “Healthcare of Belarus” has been held annually since 1994 and attracts a large number of healthcare professionals, as well as consumers and suppliers of digital technologies and soliutions.


Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220084, Minsk, Belarus.