Smart guardian of Belarusian forests. Hi-Tech Park resident protects from fires

4 June 2024

June 5 is World Environment Day. It was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972 and has been celebrated annually by the entire world community ever since. 

The issues of environmental protection and management, ensuring environmental safety, implementation of «green» technologies occupy a significant place in the competencies of Hi-Tech Park resident companies. 

IT potential is actively used to create software products with unique functionality that significantly optimize the work of applied fields of activity. Implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for processing and analyzing large volumes of environmental data from various sources allows to safely and effectively carry out production processes, significantly increase the efficiency of measures to preserve ecosystems, save the country's resources for their restoration, etc.  

A vivid example is ARMOSOFT's unique development «Forest Guardian», which is designed for monitoring, early detection and timely suppression of forest and landscape fires. This hardware and software complex combines machine vision, server platform, specialized software and geographic information system.  

In real-time mode, «Forest Guardian» provides smart monitoring of the situation in forest lands, determining the exact coordinates and nature of fires at an early stage. The relevant services are immediately informed about the fire. Thanks to this, the number of areas affected by forest fires has significantly decreased in recent years.  

The viewing radius of one camera is from 10 to 35 kilometers, and the determination of coordinates is possible when smoke is visible even from a single device. «The system has already proved itself not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also in partner countries, demonstrating a significant reduction in the cost of forest fires liquidation, increasing the efficiency of response to emergencies,» emphasizes the director of the company Sergey Shutkevich.     

The main clients of ARMOSOFT in Belarus are forestry institutions, national parks and nature reserves. To date, about 450 such monitoring points have been installed in our country. In 2024, the system provided 100% coverage of the forest fund areas of the Ministry of Forestry of Belarus.


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