Three devices in one. Clevetura introduced the second generation model

9 April 2024

A new model of full-size keyboard CLVX 1 has been developed by the Hi-Tech Park resident Clevetura. This is the first product that uses the second generation of Clevetura technology.

The CLVX 1 model can be used not only for typing, but also as a touchpad for reading familiar gestures and a touch slider for controlling applications. The ability to work seamlessly blurs the boundaries between the three different devices.

The highlight of this development is the TouchOnKeys technology. Using the integrated touchpad, users can scroll, swipe and makе gestures directly on the surface of the keys. Switching is automatic thanks to the TouchOnKeys chip built into the keyboard.

Gestures use three and four fingers on the keyboard and can be programmed differently for individual applications. For example, you can use the slider to control brush size in Photoshop or sound volume in another application. Both application-specific actions and standard actions for each profile are supported.


The CLVX 1 is a wireless keyboard with three Bluetooth 5.1 channels as well as a wired USB Type-C connection. Up to four devices can be connected to it at the same time, and the user can switch between them. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 80 hours of use, which equates to about three weeks of normal use without the backlight on. Other features of the CLVX 1 also include RGB backlighting consisting of 131 addressable LEDs for each key.

In a special app you can create your profile, customise the keyboard to your needs, contact support if necessary and receive updates with new features.

As of 3 April 2024, the new CLVX 1 keyboard is available on the Kickstarter online platform and is at the top of the design section - the platform's most prestigious section for hardware projects.

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