Dr. Hamadoun Toure: "HTP serves as example for CIS countries"

26 November 2009

During his visit to Belarus Hi-Tech Park the ITU Secretary General Dr. Toure highly appreciated the contribution of the Hi Tech Park into educational projects for secondary schools and universities.

He stressed, that we constantly need to brainstorm on the future in order not to lose competitiveness in the modern world, and in this respect education is one of the pillars progress is based upon.

It is second time Dr.Hamadoun Toure's comes to HTP. This time he visited Belarus Hi-Tech Park within the framework of Connect CIS Summit in Minsk on November 26-27. In the new Hi-Tech Park building he met with the management of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and attended the premises of EPAM Systems, the largest and most reputable Belarusian IT company.

Dr. Toure stressed, that Belarus Hi-Tech Park represents a perfect place where IT business can evolve and make profit, and it has a positive impact on the republic's economy in whole, because, as he believes, personal wealth always returns back to the country.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.