People of Learning From HTP

2 June 2016

One of the stars in the constellation of Great Bear has an unusual name – Belarus Hi Tech Park. Established 10 years ago, HTP does not need to be introduced; it has become somewhat a separate planet in young people’s minds, mysterious and faraway. This planet has a particular mythical aura, as if people earn a lot of money quickly and easily there.

But is it true? Who create the intellectual product that easily withstands competition on the global market today? What is the life of modern programmers, developers, web designers and other IT professionals? To find answers to these questions, reporters of the SB newspaper joined the Hi-Tech Park to see its daily life.

When entering the main building of HTP, you understand that here professionals enamored of technologies have created a specific atmosphere which is unusual for Belarusian enterprises. This planet has its own language: everyone switches to English easily, and English words sound even in conversations in Russian. Fluent English is not just a norm here but a must for a successful career so many employees improve their English before and after work, and even between tasks. This planet has its own time without a common "nine-to-six" working day: they work when it is convenient for customers living in different time zones from the USA to Australia, so one team may start working when their colleagues have already finished. They have several clocks to show current time in Minsk, New York, London, Hong Kong, etc.

You can read the full article at the website of the SB newspaper.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.