Graduates 2009 are More Interested in Technical Education

16 June 2009

Graduates are interested in technical and engineering education this year.

This is witnessed by the statistics on young people willing to pass centralized testing which began in Belarus on June 15. Despite the fact that the total number of young people willing to pass centralized testing  has decreased (175 thousand people compared to 179 thousand people last year), 6 thousand people more are willing to pass testing in Math.

Obviously, the activities aiming at popularization of technical education among future students, which are promoted by the Hi-Tech Park, are fruitful and help to overcome the trend towards popularization of humanitarian education  which was obvious in our country just a couple of years ago, when education in Economy, Law and International Relations was most popular .

Today technical specialists, especially in the field of information technologies are most wanted on the labor market. The interest in these professions on  behalf of graduates increases accordingly. Technical specialist need not worry. Demand for them is constantly increasing and the situation won’t change in the near future.

Only during the last 2 years the number of IT specialists in the Park increased almost twofold. Moreover, more than 70% of HTP employees are young people under 30 years old.