New Residents in Hi-Tech Park

13 April 2017

There are eight new residents registered in the Hi-Tech Park. The respective decision was made by the Supervisory Board of the Hi-Tech Park during the meeting on April 13, 2017. The new HTP companies are as follows:


The company specializes in software development and support for the largest US networks of network of manufacturers/ distributors of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.


The company develops competitive intelligence software.


The company focuses on development and prototype manufacturing of computer appliances, devices and systems in the fields of mechatronics, micro- and optoelectronics, and low-level software.


The company's major specialization is web systems and application development using cloud technologies, as well as mobile application development using cross-platform technologies.


The company develops its own innovative technologies and deep learning models for mobile devices.


The company develops educational music applications and music games for iOS and Android devices.


The company develops one of the best document automation products for SMB.


The company is implementing an extensive IoT project in the area of telematics: software development for telematic data collection, processing, storage and analysis, under the working title flespi.

Also, the Supervisory Board approved a new business project of the HTP resident-company LWO providing for expansion of the list of the company's activities.

As of April 13 2017, the Hi-Tech Park has 173 resident companies.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.