British investment group Blackfish Capital Management Limited is interested in HTP

4 October 2010

The investment Group Blackfish Capital Management Limited from the UK expressed interest in funding the most perspective Belarusian projects in the field of information technologies.

The British delegation consisted of Jonathan Rowland, CEO, Banque Havilland SA, Blackfish Capital Management Ltd; Kalle Norberg, Regional Director for the Eastern Europe and CIS, Blackfish Capital Management Ltd; Juho Hiltunen, Associate Director, Banque Havilland SA; Alvar Virkus, Consultant, TriCap Assurance SPC.

Guests arrived in Belarus for the first time, but got seriously interested in everything connected with promising ICT business projects. And this is not by accident. Rowland's family has invested in Internet at proper time, when was the period of commercial domains rapid development, and founded the internet investment British company JellyWorks.

Jonathan David Rowland (GB).
Position: Executive Director, Banque Havilland SA, Blackfish Capital Management Ltd.
According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the capital of father and son, David and Jonathan Rowland, is estimated at 1.03 billion U.S. dollars. Rowland's family is known for the internet technologies and real estate investments (David is a well-known property developer).

Banque Havilland focused on private clients' business and asset management. It works with personal banking customers and big capitals in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This bank belongs to Rowland's family, who has 45 years experience at the international investment market. Rowland's family investment activity includes Blackfish Group, which offers services of investment management and consulting and also owns an investment funds portfolio.