A New World Record Achieved in HTP

5 January 2011

On January 5th, 2011 Belarus Hi-Tech Park was achieved a new record. 74,536 people played at the same time the Russian version of the World Of Tanks Game, which was developed by HTP resident company Game Stream. This is a new world record for MMO games on simultaneous presence of gamers on one server at a time.

”The online peak has been steadily growing during recent months, ─ says Paul Belevich, Game Stream General Director. ─ We are very proud that the game grew so popular. We hope that the World Of Tanks will achieve new records, and we will make every effort to allow gamers to feel as comfortable as possible“.

World Of Tanks is dedicated to armored warfare of mid-20th century. In its arsenal there are more than 150 tanks engineered and produced in Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. The gamer has an opportunity to participate in a tank redivision of the world, driving any battle unit. 

World Of Tanks Game was awarded as the best multiplayer online game according to GDC 2010 version. According to the largest E3 exhibition results, the popular MMO portal Massively.com called the World Of Tanks the best game concept of 2010.