HTP Residents Among World’s Largest IT Companies on “Software 500”

24 January 2011

HTP residents are listed in Software Magazine's Annual “Software 500” for the fourth year at a run. The “Software 500” is a ranking of the world’s largest software and IT services suppliers, published by Software Magazine, brand name in the high-tech industry. In 2010 HTP resident EPAM Systems was ranked 169. EPAM Systems rose 11 points in comparison with 2009, Sam Solutions appeared on the list for the second time.

Among world’s largest IT companies on “Software 500” there are iTransitionIntetics and also  IBA Group, two subsidiaries of which, namely IT Park and IBA Gomel Park, are residents of HTP Belarus.

The rankings, published in Software Magazine’s November online print journal, include both private and public companies and are based in total worldwide software and services revenue in 2010. This includes revenues from software licenses, maintenance and support, training and software-related services and consulting. The “Software 500" helps CIOs, senior IT managers and IT staff to research and create the short list of business partners because it is a quick reference of vendor viability.

The ranking revealed that the total 2010 Software 500 revenue is $491.7 billion. The total number of employees in the “Software 500” has decreased by 3,92% percent, amounting to 3,6 million.

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