HTP Launched a New Educational Project for Students and Teachers

24 January 2011

HTP initiated a unique educational project in Belarus for students, teachers and professors. Its presentation was held on January 24th, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Among organizers of the project there were the following companies: EPAM Systems ─ HTP resident-company, VEU Sourcing ─ distributor of professional training courses, and SkillSoft ─ global leader in e-Learning. 

The main mission of the project is training highly qualified specialists for IT-industry through the distance learning. This will open new prospects for students’ growth and development. ”We are planning to improve quality of education not only for students and professionals, who are working in IT industry, but also for teachers. We will start the first free training courses for trainees from the faculty members of all technical institutes of our country in February. Free workshops for teachers will be organized at Hi-Tech Park training center. During studying teachers will be able to raise their professional level“, ─ Alexander Martinkevich HTP Administration Deputy Director said. 

In addition, the project enables students to develop practical skills related to IT-sphere, as well as improve school education. ”Due to the fact that we provide access to the latest European courses, we hope that university students, in particular, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR), will significantly improve their general business knowledge, while implementing this pilot project. 

We launched the project in Minsk City Institute of Education Development (MCIED). The target audience of the project includes secondary school teachers“, ─ A. Martinkevich added. 

As a part of the initiative, organizers have provided 1,920 users from BSUIR and MCIED with a free access to educational programs by SkillSoft. This allows the students to benefit from free educational SkillSoft programs till the end of 2011. 

The access to SkillSoft educational programs is one example of successful interaction with the world leader in IT education. Together with the Ministry of Education, HTP has signed a number of agreements on cooperation with leading international companies. This will allow to develop the new generation international training programs in Belarus.