HTP Resident Company Belsoft Borlas Group Joined the Innovative Association ST Group

11 March 2011

February 21, 2011 the HTP resident company Belsoft Borlas Group has officially become part of the Innovative Association ST Group through the acquisition of the company’s shares by the leading members of ST Group. 

Alexander Mukovozchik, the head of ST Group says:
”With the acquisition of Belsoft Borlas Group we are expanding our scope of services based on the Oracle E-Business Suite technologies. Belsoft Borlas Group will develop mobile banking applications on various platforms. We are sure that Belsoft Borlas Group’s joining the association will reinforce customers’ loyalty and will promote the value of the brand“. 

Alexander Lazaryonok, the member of Belsoft Borlas Group board:
”The entry of our company into ST Group opens up new vistas. The cooperation of such big association as ST Group and Belsoft Borlas Group will allow each side to conquer new development levels, to make a unique offer designed to provide a complete satisfaction of customers’ needs. ST Group has a long experience of working with the financial institutions and bears a profound knowledge of customers’ requirements“.

Programming solutions of Belsoft Borlas Group will supplement the product line of the association: future versions of CRM products and ERP solutions. Software development services based on the Oracle E-Business Suite technologies should be singled out in a separate group. This group will constitute a full service package of business applications enhancing effective management of an enterprise, its resources, customer relationship, service delivery, production release, incoming payments and other activities of the enterprise – all built in one system based on unified data architecture and within the frames of integrated information flow of the enterprise.

Innovative Association ST Group:
ST Group delivers a full package of BPA services for different economic sectors: banking, manufacturing, insurance and leasing. Not only does it include software development but it also includes software adaptation for particular conditions, service life support, IT outsourcing service, delivering the software of the leading global producers, necessary for the stable operation of information system. 

Earlier ST Group consisted of three companies: System TechnologiesRond and Marco and now is joined by Belsoft Borlas Group.