ID Finance is recognized as one of the most promising companies in the field of digital finance by investment bank GP Bullhound

25 February 2019

ID Finance is a resident of the Hi-Tech Park and one of the 24 promising companies in the digital financial services sector, whose news and achievements one definitely has to follow in 2019. This is what the investment company GP Bullhound writes in its new report «Technological forecasts: trends and innovations that determine the global technological sector in 2019».

ID Finance is a pioneer company in the FinTech market that provides access to banking services in areas where traditional methods are not available. ID Finance has developed its own scoring models for identifying risks that provide the company with a technological advantage over large banks, according to the Bullhound report. Among other companies in the digital banking sector that should be monitored there are SoFi, Brex, Klarna, N26, Monzo and others.

Digital banking is one of the ten trends that GP Bullhound identified in 2019. Among other trends there are consumer subscription services, a shift of the focus in the mobile applications ecosystem from platforms (AppleandGoogle) to direct application developers, an increase of technology penetration in retail, and also artificial intelligence. Investment bank experts point out another trend in 2019 - this is the end of male dominance in the technology sector: women investors and company executives are making the financial technology industry more accessible for other women.

GP Bullhound is the leading technology investment and consulting company. Founded in London in 1999. The company has offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Hong Kong and other cities.

ID Finance is an international fintech company founded in 2012 by the Russian entrepreneurs Boris Batin and Alexander Dunaev. The development office is located in Minsk, about 200 people work in the office.