Computer Game Developed By HTP Resident-Company Game Stream Became The Best Game of 2011 In Two Categories During The Game Developer's Conference (KRI) Held in Moscow

16 May 2011

Multiplayer Action-MMO World of Tanks developed by Game Stream received the most prestigious award – The Game of the Year, 2011. The game also won the Audience Award. 

The company has already won two titles: the Best Client MMO (World of Tanks, 2010) and the Best Strategic Game (Operation Bagration, 2008). New awards turned out to be very pleasant top-ups to the collection. 

Nikolay Nebyshinets, Deputy Director of Marketing, Advertisement and PR Department of Game Stream says:
”We worked so hard for World of Tanks and the Game of the Year award proves yet again that we have created a damn good game. And of course a huge thank you to the players voted for us. We have been working for you long and hard and we won’t slow down until World of Tanks is perfect“. received the GDC Industry Award of 2011. Game Stream is its Belarusian development centre. World of Tanks is the most successful project of 

We asked Nikolay Nebyshinets (N.N) what is it in World of Tanks that attracts the players and what are the development trends of the projects. 

What is the secret of the World of Tanks success in your opinion?

N.N.: The concept of the game is the key to the success. World of Tanks is a boy’s game, a game for men. All of us at least once in a lifetime wanted to be behind the wheel of a real military vehicle. And tanks touch every man’s heart in our post-Soviet society. I guess that is why 99% of our players are the sterner sex. 

Moreover World of Tanks attracts absolutely different types of gamers. The game of course attracts fans of military machines and those of World War Two. Clans of Shooters fans and especially Counter Strike fans play World of Tanks. The fans simply lured the clans away from other projects. 

Strategy admires are drawn by the team cooperation and the opportunity to reveal their tactic skills on a bigger scale. Those who love combat stimulators choose World of Tank for the certain believability of the military machines when in act. Even fans of such games as World of Warcraft and Lineage II leave their elfs and wizards to get in tanks.

World of Tanks is also played by a great number of older generation, who haven’t played computer games before. The rules are understood instinctively and the controls don’t require hours to learn. Two or three battles are enough to get the idea of the game and the combat rules. And since the battles themselves are sort of Counter Strike with tanks but much slower, the player doesn’t have to have fantastic reaction to play the game. 

Could you please share with us your plans for the future on modernizing World of Tanks?

N.N.: Any MMO game unlike the single player box games is first of all service. Service management implies constant modernization of already input content and regular issue of patches with new content for the game. 

We are planning to introduce new regimes and training missions. We are constantly working and will be working on improving the games’ balance. And of course we will continue to improve interface usability and will continue to perfect the WW II military machinery.

At the moment our priorities are to implement the French tanks and customization system. 

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.