HTP's 5th Anniversary!

28 June 2011

2011 year is anniversary in the history of the Hi-Tech Park.

The first Hi-Tech Park residents were registered on June 1, 2006. Five years later exactly by the HTP Birthday their number reached the number of 100 companies.

The 100th resident company became JNetWorks, which develops software for automating business processes and information security systems.

When we set up the Park 5 years ago, we designed it first of all for the young people. Today 70 % of the Park’s employees are young people up to 28 years old. 

Creating special conditions for IT business development, HTP is a good example of developing and promoting knowledge-based economy in our country. 10,000 employees of HTP resident companies develop high-tech software and offer a competitive service level to the customers.

Golden Byte 2010 – the first professional excellence award for IT industry companies, established by HTP

HTP resident-companies each year become winners of the global prestigious IT-competitions such as European IT Excellence Awards, Top 100 Outsourcing Companies of the World, Software 500, etc. 

HTP resident EPAM Systems is #1 software services and solutions provider in Central and Eastern Europe.

Today five world-known companies from Forbes Top-10 are customers of Belarusian HTP.

The uniqueness of Belarusian Park is in a successful combination of quality technical education, highly qualified technical specialists and governmental support of IT industry.

Within the period 2006 – 2010 HTP export increased tenfold and made up $ 452,3 mln.

A visit of the largest American corporations (Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Honeywell, Caterpillar, Navistar, ArvinMeritor, Siguler Guff & Company, U.S. International Trading Corporation, EPC Engineering, Greenberg Traurig and Western Technologies) to HTP Administration

Today Hi-Tech Park is one of the leaders among innovative IT clusters in Europe.

Every third company in HTP is the company with 100 percent foreign capital at present time due to created in HTP unique investment environment. Development centers from the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Finland and other countries are registered here.

The International Advisory Board, created in HTP, was set up in to leverage the best practice of the modern world trends in innovation development and to serve a forum for exchanging ideas and experience in running large-scale national hi-tech projects. The Board is headed by Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981 to 2003), Leader of the Non-Aligned Movement, President of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. 

Among Honourable Members of the International Advisory Board are: Hamadun Ture, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Secretary General, Brad Krevoy, President and CEO of Motion Picture Corporation of America, Urban Ahlin, Swedish parliamentary, Prof. Dr. Jean-Guy Fontaine, Director of TERA Department at the Italian Institute of Technology, etc.

Today HTP plays a coordinating role in cooperation with the educational system. During the last 5 years 50 joint laboratories in all the leading universities of the country and the first in Belarus business projects incubator in IT were established and successfully work.

A unique India-Belarus Digital Learning Centre in ICT was founded in Belarus within the framework of international cooperation with the Government of the Republic of India. The latest information technologies and modern videoconferencing equipment are employed in the Centre. The Center implemented an educational program for the teachers of IT departments of universities. The workshops are also broadcasted via internet from India-Belarus Digital Learning Centre in ICT in Minsk to the Regional Learning Centers, situated at the universities in Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Brest. 

Valery Tsepkalo, HTP Administration Director: 

”We could hardly ever dream that in five years we will have such an outcome in terms of export and computer programs development. We could hardly think that the Republic of Belarus for a very short historical period of time will take the leading place in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of software development.

We always aim high. Today HTP is the association of professionals who implement successful projects, which determine software development market. Congratulations to all who have made this fascinating five-year journey with us. Half of success of any organization is a loyal staff and reliable partners. We sincerely thank you for your contribution to the development of HTP. I’m sure the next 5 years will be no less significant and momentous“.