Computer Game Developed by HTP Resident-Company Game Stream is a Public Leader of Runet

2 December 2011

The multiplayer action-MMO World of Tanks developed by Game Stream became Public Vote laureate in the Runet Prize 2011. Internet audience chose the winner by open vote in this nomination. 

The aim of the Public Vote nomination is to define preferences among internet-organizations and internet projects in order to find brands really popular with the community.

World of Tanks has won almost 2 200 000 votes for 2 weeks, which is 1.5 mln votes more than the last year’s winner gained.

Considering a stiff fight for the main prize between the two projects, the jury for the first time in the history of the premium decided to divide the award. The experts highly appreciated the cohesion of the 4 mln Russian game community.

In 2011 more than 4 500 000 users voted for different projects during the action and gave more than 7 000 000 of their votes. That is an absolute record as per the quantity of entries and voters for favorite projects.