Belarus Hi-Tech Park Became a Partner of Munich Network

Belarus Hi-Tech Park Became a Partner of Munich Network
30 January 2012
30 January 2012

HTP has become a partner of Munich Network. It is an association of technology companies as well as an ecosystem of scientific research institutions, equity investors, financial service providers, consultancies and entrepreneurs.

In its networks Munich Network links technology entrepreneurs with each other as well as with the industry leaders, users, research and development organizations, investors over the regional and national borders and provide them with platforms equipped with the best resources of experience, knowledge, ideas, talents and capital.

Among the partners of Munich Network there are such organizations as Center for Business Innovation, European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Paris/Frankreich and others.

The main business areas of the Association:
The Networks – for contacts and exchange of experiences and ideas
The Technology & Innovation Network – offers access to innovations-, industry- and capital
The Collaboration Network – for know-how and insights form experts
The Munich Network Conferences – for perspectives, marketing and technology trends

Belarus HTP's joining this Association will help residents to develop international cooperation with IT-companies from Western Europe region, and also will provide new opportunities for promoting custom software development.

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