HTP Educational Center Launches New Unique ”BUSINESS ANALYST for IT“ Program

8 February 2012
What makes it unique? Nowadays HTP Educational Center is the only educational institution in the country, which prepares business-analysts for ICT sphere.
What is business-analyst? What does he do in IT project and how? You can try this role on the BUSINESS ANALYST for IT course.

Why would you like the business-analyst work:

- this is interesting (although it depends on the company and the project);
- the work is connected to constant communication (in comparison with  developers and testers, the analyst does not work the whole day sitting in front of the monitor – and this is perfect);
- diversity of activities (communication and documenting as well as analysis of information, design, problem solving, team management and lectures – and that’s not all!);
- promotion at work (if there is a desire, of course);
- income incentives;
- possibility to visit other countries.

BUSINESS ANALYST for IT program includes the following courses:
 - Basics of Business Analysis;
 - Development and Managing Requirements;
 - Business Analysis Workshop.  

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.