The future trainers of the Belarusian-Indian Training Center are back from India

10 August 2010

Eight Belarusian IT-professionals have successfully fulfilled their traineeship at the Indian CDAC in Pune (The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) and paid a visit to HTP Administration to share impressions.

"The main difference is in the assessment system. All the tests and exams I had to take in India, were either in the form of written tests or, if it had to be an oral exam, you would face an absolutely new professor. This allows avoiding personal likes or dislikes of the professor; you would be evaluated by your knowledge only. If I remember correct, at our Universities the same professor is training you during the course and assessing at the exam", - points out one of the Belarusian trainees in India Viktor Romaniuk.

"I also appreciated the feedback system. All the students had to give their comments about every professor, for the school to make a decision about cooperating with that professor in the future. Sometimes they would change the professor during the course, if students were unhappy about him" - adds Viktor.
"Probably the main difference is the students' motivation, as due to the huge pool of professionals there is high competition on the labor market and that is influencing the peculiarity of the educational process in general", - tells us Natalya Deeva, Viktor's colleague.

"In India the teaching methods for computer studies are different. In my opinion a live step by step demonstration of operations accompanied by explanations of the logics of those operations is very efficient", - mentions Natalya Savelyeva. "A method like that was successfully used during studying data structures, Linux-commands and scripts writing. Lectures in the form of presentations are saving time and substantially increasing the amount of information given to students. As for us mostly a blackboard and a piece of choke are used". Belarusians should borrow the three-step examination system - an interview, practical tasks and a test on theory, as well as lectures based on ppt presentations.

Sergey Pischik: "The courses we were offered do not exist in Belarus. Besides, the teaching methods are of much higher quality than in Belarusian Universities (at least at those I had a chance to study). Computer classes are very well equipped. For Belarus it would have been very useful to use their approach in equipping the classrooms. Splitting the exams in parts (interview, practical tasks, theory test). Use of the interactive presentations paralleled by completing practical tasks. Up to date examples of different software products, code, scripts… Promoting an open source software".

For reference:
The Belarusian-Indian ICT Training Center is opening in December'2010. At the present moment HTP Administration with the financial support of EPAM Systems is engaged in renovating and equipping the classrooms of the future training center in compliance with the technical requirements of the Indian side. Equipment delivery is expected by the end of September. The Indian partners of this project will provide technical assistance in the equipment and training materials delivery.
The Training Center will be based at HTP Administration office facilities in Minsk. Additionally it's regional branches will be located in 4 Universities - Gomel State University named after Sukhoi, Vitebsk State University named after Masherov, Grodno State University named after Y. Kupala and Brest State University named after Pushkin.
The Center itself and it's regional branches will be equipped by modern computers, including equipment for Internet-lectures, video-conferencing and distant learning.

The Belarusian-Indian Training Center will contribute to the post-graduate studies of IT-professionals of the HTP resident-companies, professors of the related technical Universities, as well as managers of different companies in IT.