An IT-Knowledge Day took place at HTP on September the 1st.

1 September 2010

On the first day of the new school year, the resident-companies of HTP and HTP Administration have opened their doors for the Minsk schoolchildren.

Nowadays young people are mostly interested in a well paid and interesting job with good prospective. Those who chose an IT-education can get a job like that. Technical Universities are considered to be hard to enter and study, however, as practice shows, graduates of such Universities are in demand on the labor market and are more likely to succeed in their career.
While in the Park, the schoolchildren met it's employees, visited the data processing center and addressed their questions to the companies' Managers. The kids were happy to hear that they are expected here in a few years as future professionals.

Olga Lapko, Deputy Director of Gymnasium #2 in Minsk:
"For the senior schoolchildren, who are already thinking over their future plans, visiting the Park was not only of a great interest, but also of big value and relevance. What are the directions for information technologies development, what professions are going to be of higher demand in the future, what skills should an educated human of the XXI century possess, what is required for implementing your idea, how to come and work in HTP - the kids listened to the answers to all these questions literally with bated breath. I am positive that every single one of them understood that they are in charge of their own future and the future of our country".

The presentation from the HTP Administration conference-hall was transmitted online to the schools of Novopolotsk and Glubokoe.