Presentation of HTP Resident-Company Applied Systems wins Best Paper Award at VALID 2011 in Barcelona

29 March 2012

Presentation of HTP resident-company Applied Systems has been recognized as the best at the Third International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle VALID 2011, held in Barcelona on October 23-29, 2011.

Sergei Usovich, CEO of Applied Systems Ltd.:

“Quite often software testers have to perform manually a number of routine operations while doing “automated” testing, which significantly reduces the overall efficiency. We’ve calculated that in our case – we have minimum three builds a day queued for regression tests – these manual activities ”eat up“ more than 25 % of the tester’s working time.

Moreover, there’s a risk of human error: for example, they may misplace a file while preparing the environment, or forget to run the whole test suite. The experience gained allowed us to develop a control system which brings automated testing to the new level by automating all steps of test execution. We are very happy that our achievement has received the recognition of the international community at the conference in Spain”.

Dealing with Challenges of Automating Test Execution’ by Vitalina Turlo and Valery Safronau from Applied Systems Ltd. proposed a solution for automated testing control. The authors rely on more than five years of hands-on experience in the automated testing of complex software, as well as the surveys’ results more than 300 software professionals worldwide.

Presentation focuses on improving the test infrastructure and enabling execution of automated tests without human intervention. Applied Systems Ltd. has attained this goal by implementing Octopus™, a system for automated testing control, which integrates the customer’s existing test infrastructure under a common user interface. The test infrastructure refers to the tools and systems used in the process of automated testing, namely the file server, assembling system, versioning control system, virtualization server, bug tracking system, and test automation tools.

Octopus functions on the principle of “black box” where input is a new build, and output is a test report.

Octopus automatically performs all boring and routine operations associated with test execution: operates virtual machines, prepares the environment, starts tests created using different tools in one batch, logs the errors in bug-tracking system and generates a convenient record on passed tests results. The system can be easily configured and customized with the help of simple user interface.

The conference VALID 2011 was devoted to innovations in testing and Validation Lifecycle. The winning presentations included submissions from University of Bordeaux (France), University of Göttingen (Germany), and Intel Corporation/Dell Inc. (USA).

About Applied Systems Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Applied Systems Ltd. serves its international clients as a provider of custom automation solutions for the industry.

The company has gained know-how and hands-on experience in developing real-time data acquisition, processing and visualization software, hardware configuration and diagnostic systems, alarm systems, error handling systems. In 2006 the company established a competence center of innovation in software testing. 

Applied Systems Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Microsoft partner with the Software Development competency, and a resident-company of Belarus Hi-Tech Park.

About Octopus™

Octopus is a solution for automated testing control. It is designed to automate routine operations associated with test execution, such as environment setup, running tests, bug submission, and report generation.

Octopus significantly increases the efficiency of automated software testing and enables the regression testing of every produced build.

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