Mobile Monday: Innovations and Trends in Mobile Industry from Trend-Makers

Mobile Monday: Innovations and Trends in Mobile Industry from Trend-Makers
21 April 2012
21 April 2012

An International forum “Mobile Monday: Innovations and Trends in Mobile Industry from Trend-Makers” will be held on April 30th , 2012 for the first time in the National Library of Belarus.

Valery Tsepkalo, HTP Administration Director:

"Innovations are always moving forward. Mobile Monday Minsk is our next step to create the developers’ community based on the Hi-Tech Park that will promote innovations in mobile industry, inform about the latest mobile technologies and trends in this sphere."

Mobile Monday speakers:

  • Talmon Marco - Viber Media CEO (New York)
  • Marco Sakovich - Product Manager of HTC (London)
  • Nikolay Ilyin -Director of CloudSolutions and NewtechnologiesDepartment, the Head ofNecregionalcompetence center(Russia)
  • Vitaly Obernikhin -Product Manager of Parallels(Russia)
  • Viktor Zaletov -Business Development Manager of Herocraft.

Talmon Marco, Founder and CEO of Viber Media.

Graduated from Tel Aviv University with honors, got a degree in Computer science and Management. The businessman brought to the market several innovative technologies, including iMesh (service for sharing files with more than 300 million downloads), Expand Networks (world leader in applications traffic management) and others. Currently, Talmon sets a vision of development strategy and provides global management of a fast-growing company Viber Media, developer of applications for IP-communications for 50 million users.

At the Mobile Monday in Minsk Talmon will talk about Viber project and how OTT services are changing the global communication landscape.

Marco Sakovich, Product Manager of HTC (London)

Marco graduated from the University of Belgrade, now he is getting a PhD. He has been working in HTC since 2011 as a product manager; previously he had worked as a PMP Project Manager for different mobile operators.

Marco will talk about HTC devices development and evolution of smartphones’ interface, completing all the characteristics of a new line of One from HTC.

Nikolay Ilyin, Director of Cloud Solutions and New technologies Department, the Head of Nec regional competence center (Russia), will talk about peculiarities of cloud solutions: Carrier Cloud vs. IT Cloud (“feel the difference...”).

Vitaly Obernikhin, Product Manager of Parallels (Russia), will talk about developments of a server part of mobile apps: Dedicated servers, EC2.

Viktor Zaletov, Business Development Manager of Herocraft, will analyze evolution of mobile games market.

Invited speakers also will participate in a live discussion with the entire audience. The main aim of the event is discussion, an opportunity to express your opinion, listen to a new idea, and talk about your own.

MoMo in Minsk is organized by the Hi-Tech Park with the support of HTC (Taiwan), a leading global manufacturer of mobile devices, Viber (Israel), the world's leading developer of applications for IP-communications and Synesis, a developer of embedded systems and mobile applications.

After the forum the participants will have an after party in Coyote club from 7 p.m. till the morning (informal communication of participants with the speakers, firework, OPEN BAR, performance of Top Gun, Gabriel & Acoustic Blues).

Participation is free, but online-registration is required at

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.