HTP is prepared to help creating the Skolkovo Innovation Center

25 August 2010

Hi-Tech Park is prepared to help creating and launching the Skolkovo Innovation Center in the Moscow region, mentioned Valery Tsepkalo, the Director of HTP, while meeting a group of Russian and Belarusian journalists today.

"We do not refuse any help and consider cooperation with other Parks, as an exchange of experience", - said Valery Tsepkalo. However at the moment, according to him, the Russian side has never made such an offer regarding the Skolkovo Center.

"It is not so easy to marry the three interests - the interest of the government, private developer's and the Park's resident companies'", - mentioned Valery Tsepkalo. HTP could have helped with this in particular, in the process of creating the Innovation Center. HTP's specialists would also be happy to share their experience with the Russian colleagues, help speeding the Center launch.

Valery Tsepkalo also stated that specialists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have already asked the Belarusian HTP for help and now Ukraine is in turn.

Hi-Tech Park is actively cooperating with the techno parks in Poland and the Baltic States openly sharing experience with those. HTP itself is learning from the foreign experience, especially from that of Singapore, Malaysian and Indian techno parks.