Belarusian Pupils to Take Part in International Olympiad in Information Technology in Italy

20 September 2012

A Belarusian team will participate in the XXIV International Olympiad in Information Technology for pupils that will be held September 23-30, 2012 in Italy. The delegation is supported by Hi-Tech Park resident-companies “Game Stream” and “ScienceSoft”.

At this Olympiad Belarus will be represented by graduates Gennadij Korotkevich (Gomel Gymnasium № 56) and Adam Bardashevich (Mozur Yanka Kupala Gymnasium) and pupils Sergey Kulik (Mozyr School № 9) and Vladislav Podtelkin (Minsk Lyceum of Belarusian State University). Last year this team brought home one gold and three silver medals.

“At the forthcoming Olympiad participants will have to solve very complicated algorithmic problems and it’s almost impossible to prepare for them in advance. We have no doubts that Belarusian pupils will do their best to surpass the strongest competitors and win medals. The guys are well prepared and self-confident. Our duty is to provide them with moral support”, - stated Irina Kirinovich, Head of the Belarusian delegation, Chief Specialist of the Belarus Ministry of Education General Secondary Education Administration. She added that “participation in international academic competitions is an important part of the existing system of work with gifted children and pupils. In order to become a part of the national team one should be among top ten holders of first degree diplomas from the national competition”.

In his turn “Game Stream” Director Victor Novochadov said the company is glad to support the Belarusian delegation at such a significant international event. “Being a sponsor, we indirectly participate in the competition of the best, the most talented and smart, those who once again show the highest intellectual level and potential of our country,” - he stressed. Victor Novochadov also noted that “it is not important for what company those who represent our country at the Olympiad today will work tomorrow, important is that they are united around the common idea of perfectionism; that we can, want and will keep doing what has been repeatedly recognized as the best on the international level.”

Head of “ScienceSoft” Nikolay Kuraev also paid attention to the fact that “victories in international olympiads prove the high level of development of IT and related sciences in Belarus”. “We work with foreign customers, and therefore we are interested in the maintenance of this image,” - he said. Nikolay Kurayev also explained the nature of “ScienceSoft” interest in the Belarusian delegation at the Olympiad in the following way: “Pupils who participate in the Olympiad today may soon become employees of IT companies, and very promising ones. Witnessing their success, we learn what to expect from the next generation of programmers”.

Between 2002 and 2011 40 Belarusian pupils took part in international academic competitions in Information Technology, 37 of them won medals, including 8 gold, 15 silver and 14 bronze.

Gennady Korotkevich from Gomel won silver in 2006, gold in 2007 and 2008. In 2009 he became the youngest absolute champion in the history of international academic competitions in Information Technology with the maximum number of points and confirmed the title of absolute winner in 2010 and 2011.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.