Belarusian Pupils Won 4 IT Olympiad Medals

1 October 2012

Belarusian pupils brought home two gold, one silver and one bronze medal from the XXIV International Olympiad in Information Technology.

Gold medals belong to Gennadiy Korotkevich (588 points out of 600 possible) and Adam Bardashevich (372 points), silver – to Vladislav Podtelkin (280 points) and bronze – to Sergey Kulik (212 points).

Gennadiy Korotkevich took second place in the overall ranking. It was the last time for him to participate in this Olympiad and it is a great finish indeed, as he is a record holder in almost all the categories: he has become an absolute winner three times (2009-2011), he is the owner of the biggest number of gold medals (6 medals, 2007-2012) and the biggest overall number of medals (7 medals, 6 gold and one silver in 2006).

In unofficial team ranking Belarus took the 6th place. Belarusian delegation was supported by HTP resident-companies Game Stream and ScienceSoft.

This year 313 pupils from 80 countries participated in International IT Olympiad held from 23 to 30 September in Italy. Each country was represented by no more than four members, only the hosting country was allowed to have one more team out of competition. Winners were awarded with 26 gold, 52 silver and 77 bronze medals.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.