Teachers from Volkovysk Region at HTP Looking for Ways to Improve Learning Process

11 January 2013

Headmasters and teachers from Volkovysk and Volkovysk region visited the Hi-Tech Park on January 10.

During the presentation that started the visit teachers learnt about the Hi-Tech Park Administration activities, the state of IT industry in Belarus and educational projects supported by the Park.

As Deputy Director of the HTP Administration Alexander Martinkevich noted, the Park establishment gave an impetus to changes on the labor market. “In 5 years 9.5 thousand jobs have been created in the HTP, as a result a lot of young people did not leave the country but stayed”. He also emphasized that implementation of modern technologies advances economy.

Mr. Martinkevich added that information technologies are implemented in all the spheres of our economy nowadays, educational sphere is not being an exception. That’s why it’s very important to prepare teachers whose knowledge and skills will meet the requirements of a modern world. He is sure, information technologies, innovations and qualified teachers are key factors for successful education in future.

So it’s not a coincidence that HTP resident-companies carry out educational projects to develop new competences: they establish R&D labs at the universities all over the country, hold trainings, etc. Courses for professors are hold on a regular basis with the HTP support. Besides, there is an international program Teach for Future. On January 14th at India-Belarus Digital Learning Center a series of seminars for teachers “The use of Web 2.0 in educational process” starts. Guests from Volkovysk will take part in it among others.

During the meeting on January 10 ways to make technical education more popular with pupils and students were discussed, as well as ways to improve educational process in general and implement projects with the support of the HTP.

“Nowadays young people understand and use information technologies better that older generation. This will inevitably result in changes in educational sphere”, – Alexander Martinkevich claimed. “The aim of our generation is to raise men and women who will be able to create new ideas, not just copy the old ones”.

To sum up he asked the participants not just to place every student in front of the computer, but think about how technologies may improve the process of learning as the goal is not to change traditional devices for new ones, but to transform the whole process of learning”.

During the visit to HTP teachers from Volkovysk and Volkovysk region also visited EPAM Systems and System Technologies’s offices, where they got acquainted with the principles of work in modern IT companies and with their requirements.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.