About 250 Pupils Visited HTP in the Current School Year

7 February 2013

Since September 2012 about 250 pupils from Minsk, Soligorsk, Baranovichi and other Belarusian towns have been to the HTP on excursion.

The majority of pupils who come to visit the HTP Administration or resident-companies are those genuinely interested in modern technologies, including information technologies, and young programmers, like the recent HTP guests from Zubrionok camp. Such visits give high school pupils, whose thoughts are occupied with a future profession, relevant information about labor market in Belarus and its tendencies, in other words - weighty reasons to chose technical universities.

According to HR agencies, in the near future IT jobs will be among the most popular. They meet the main job-seekers’ requirements: being promising, in demand and well-paid.

There is an interesting program for junior school pupils here, as well: in a casual atmosphere they learn exciting facts about modern gadgets, programs, IT people and about the development of technologies in the world in general. These meetings incite interest in the IT industry. They arm pupils with the knowledge vital in modern life not just to become a software developer but to achieve success in any sphere.

Besides traditional excursions for pupils that take place all year round, the HTP Administration together with several universities hold a large-scale campaign dedicated to September 1st. In 2012, for example, about 15 thousand high school pupils participated in it. It gave them a chance to meet with representatives of the HTP Administration, IT companies and technical universities and therefore estimate the advantages of technical education and see the doors it opens in the labor market.

Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.