One of Most Popular iPhone Apps Developed in HTP

3 June 2010

HTP resident-company Viaden Media has released an iPhone application which at the moment ranks first in Apple App Stores in various countries around the world.

Viaden Media has been developing program applications for iPhone for a couple of months only. Today the company’s solutions enter the ratings of the most popular iPhone applications in various countries.

In particular, iPhone App “All-in fitness pedometer” launched on May 20, 2010 became the most popular application in the highly competitive “Healthcare&Fitness” category within only a fortnight. The application entered the top-30 of all the commercial programs of the American Apple App Store trading platform. Moreover, the Pedometer topped the popularity chart of applications for iPhone in Russia.

Yuri Gursky, Head of Viaden Media Mobile Department, states:
“There are no doubts that Belarus IT-companies nowadays are fully competitive on the international market of mobile applications. The most important part is to concentrate on marketing and seeking really interesting solutions. End-product software business has principal differences form outsourcing. It requires development of uncommon and high-quality products, as well as successful promotion of the said products on the local markets of different countries”.

The company’s product range is rather wide and includes more than 50 applications now in development. 5 more products are to be released in June, and it is expected that they will significantly outsell the current releases. The company plans to start developing mobile applications for other platforms gaining popularity worldwide, including smart-phones Google Android and BlackBerry, social network Facebook.

About Viaden Media in details

Viaden Media Ltd., established in 1998, is one of the leaders in mobile gambling applications and turnkey online casinos software development. After joining HTP Belarus in 2007, the company benefited from new opportunities of doing business in foreign markets, expanded its Games Development Divisions and established a new Smartphone Mobile Applications Development Division.