GodelTech: Nearshoring in Belarus – a win on both sides

13 February 2013

According to the English company Godel Technologies Europe that has established its office as an HTP resident, software development in Belarus gives such advantages as an opportunity to work in close cooperation with the programmers and get high quality applications.

“We’ve invested significantly in our two software development centres in Belarus which are helping us manage unprecedented demand for our nearshore software development services from many high profile clients. (…)Clients are able to make cost savings from nearshoring their software development and their return on investment and speed of deployment is enhanced by GodelTech’s team of quality resources that can respond quickly to client demands”, explains Neil Turvin, chief executive, GodelTech.

Nearshoring is becoming the preferred method for outsourcing in the UK. Belarus provides a similar time zone to the UK, staff who speak fluent English and have a hungry ethos to work with English companies whilst being excellent software developers.

“It’s a win on both sides; our staff in Belarus love working with UK based companies and working on mission-critical software development projects whilst our clients gain skilled resource which works closely as though they were part of the in-house UK team,” concludes Neil Turvin.

GodelTech is the leading UK based software development nearshorer. It was founded in the UK and is based in Manchester with its centres of software development excellence situated in Minsk and Brest, Belarus. GodelTech clients include; Tesco Mobile, The Co-operative Group, Mitie Group, Optionis, Morson International, CSL (the sofa specialist), SIG plc, Wax Digital, CACI, iMETA and many more.