Topical IT Application Issues Discussed at Belarusian National Technical University

25 April 2013

Students of Belarusian National Technical University had an opportunity to influence the development of Information Technologies in social and technical systems. R&D works of the university students in the spheres of engineering, technical data administration, software and hardware for IT industry and application of IT in banking were presented at the Second International Research and Practice Conference held with the support of the Hi-Tech Park on April 25, 2013.

Cutting-edge solutions and topical research directions in IT sphere (that both the youth and the older generation of scientists work on) were discussed at the conference. The most promising projects will be implemented within the next 5 years.

According to the Vice-Rector in charge of research and development processes of the university, Doctor of Engineering Alexander Kalinichenko, “the Hi-Tech Park creates a prestigious image of our country and its influence upon the latest scientific research directions is significant. We have been working in cooperation with the HTP for a long time. The Park has become the main incentive for our students to get a degree and carry out scientific research – nobody wants to miss the opportunity to join the HTP therefore becoming its part”.