New Residents in Hi-Tech Park

13 June 2013

There are 5 new residents registered in the Hi-Tech Park. The respective decision was made at the meeting of HTP Supervisory Board on June 13, 2013. The following companies became the HTP residents:

FordeConsulting, LLC.

Specializes in the development of e-commerce software.

EXP Capital, LLC.

Develops software for high quality trade on financial markets.

Mashtabnye resheniya, LLC.

Specializes in the development of the systems of electronic documents circulation and electronic databases.

Iproved software, LLC.

Develops complex program solutions to provide safety of corporate information systems.

Foreign enterprise Digigrad.

Specializes in the development of software for various payment service providers.

Also the Supervisory Board made a decision to deprive the following companies of the status of the Park resident: Instant Information, Web2Innovation, private enterprise of S. A. Orlov and Real Soft. These companies failed to comply with the Hi-Tech Park resident agreement.

As of June 13, 2013 there are 125 companies altogether registered as the Hi-Tech Park residents with over 15 000 employees.