Belarusian Experience in Creating IT-cluster and Coworking Center Sparked Interest in Poland

23 July 2013

The delegation from Bialystok Science and Technology Park (BPNT) visited the Belarus Hi-Tech Park on July 23, 2013. Polish colleagues were interested in Belarusian experience in creating IT-cluster and in the work to create a business incubator and coworking center, as well. Colleagues from Bialystok stressed the importance of the interaction between IT-sphere and educational system and discussed the possibility to organize training and experience exchange for teachers from both countries.

During the meeting representatives of the Bialystok Park Machiej Sawitcki and Jolanta Koshelev discussed a potential cooperation agreement with the HTP management.

For reference:

Bialystok Science and Technology Park (BPNT) was established under the EU project on the Development of Eastern Poland in 2011. One of the main goals of the Polish Park is to support and consult startups. At the moment a business incubator is being built in the Park. Its specialists work on educational programs for the implementation of the project.