Digital medicine for everyone. HTP presented innovative medtech projects

21 May 2021

Hi-Tech Park residents and start-ups took part in the annual exhibition "Healthcare of Belarus - 2021". The HTP exhibition stand presented companies working in the field of healthcare.


Several companies showed solutions using VR/AR technologies. HTP resident Proven demonstrated the Proven Healthcare VR project, the virtual reality platform for hospitals that helps to train medical staff and improve service quality.

“Our technology can train both nurses and doctors. Immersive reality helps to simulate various clinical cases and pathologies that students are unlikely to have during their theoretical studies, but they will certainly meet these cases at work, “said Alexander Morozov, medical expert of Proven LLC.

Cleverpoint project from Intelico Systems is a good assistant for HR specialists and managers. Cleverpoint is an innovative biofeedback technology that connects to VR helmets. It is used to assess the psychophysiological and psychoemotional state of users to identify the risk of emotional burnout.


“Each person has an individual working style, but very often people work fixed hours. We distinguish "sprinters" who are able to switch quickly and work in tight deadlines, and "stayers" - people who prefer methodical and calm work. Applying diagnostics and defining an individual working style, we can predict which type of work will be more suitable for effective results,” said Alexander Smirnov, technical director of Intelico Systems LLC.

iTechArt Group presented its Aibolit project, the ecosystem-based platform for improving healthcare using AI-driven solutions. The company is also developing AI-based software for planning and performing surgeries.

“Radiologists give conclusions based on two-dimensional images of CT scan and MRI, and then surgeons examine them on their own. Our 3D + models are created in 3D space and show the unique anatomy of each patient. For example, in case of complex fracture a model of the injured bone is created. The image is transmitted to VR glasses, and surgeons make accurate marks of future incisions in order to successfully collect the bone and shorten the patients' rehabilitation time,” said Tatiana Tsybulkina, Aibolit manager.

Med3Dhab startup creates solutions using 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing. Dentistry is one of the potential areas for ​​application.


“It took two weeks to make one dental crown. It was necessary to visit a doctor several times to make cast teeth model, try on a crown, and choose color. 3D scanning, modeling and printing technology helps to make a crown in 2 hours and put it immediately,” said Artem Ruev, medical representative of Med3Dhab LLC.

The HTP exhibition stand presented some developments concentrated on diagnosing various illnesses. IQube startup created mobile cardio monitor CardioX. The device monitors heart rate every second and provides highly accurate information about heart condition. Special mobile application is available for the CardioX users, as well as secure cloud storage.


“Unlike the massive and uncomfortable holter, our compact cardiograph can be used just like a fitness tracker. People who are predisposed to heart or cardiovascular diseases can monitor their condition constantly. Thanks to artificial intelligence, CardioX selects primary data to evaluate condition of the heart muscle, and sends it to the cloud. The neural network interprets the results. This diagnostics allows cardiologists to identify problems at the early stage,” emphasized Alexander Pobiyakha, CardioX developer.

The visitors can test the Skinive project from the HTP resident "WiseAI", the  AI- based virtual service for skin disease diagnosis.  Mobile application Skinive.MD is a medtech instrument that allows screening skin by means of a smartphone photo. Using computer vision and machine learning, the virtual dermatologist identifies abnormal neoplasm. The neural network analyzes the image and looks for similarities with thousands of clinical cases of skin pathologies.

Healthy Networks creates an automated lung health assessment system using neural networks. The company's development is the Lung Pass electronic stethoscope that is used together with a mobile application and helps to identify serious respiratory diseases, as well as monitors the condition of patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma.


HTP resident AIBION Technologies presented the HistoCloud digital histological platform, solution for storing and analyzing medical images. It increases accuracy of research and improves laboratory productivity by organizing remote workplace for the pathologist, and gives one more medical opinion for a patient from a specialist connected to the HistoCloud platform.

Artbiotech is engaged in innovative developments in the field of molecular biology. In particular, the company produces test systems for PCR diagnostics, reagents for isolation and storage of DNA / RNA and other high-tech materials.

LINLINE Medical Systems company demonstrated the Recoline laser system. It helps to restore biological tissue and can be used in surgery, gynecology, dermatology, and aesthetic medicine.

MAMA PRO mobile application developed by Mama Pro Global company was also presented at the exhibition. The application is a virtual assistant that contains unique content on pregnancy, childbirth and child health.


Kuprevicha, 1/1, 220141, Minsk, Belarus.