New Residents Are Registered in Hi-Tech Park

19 April 2010

During its sitting held on April 19, 2010 the Supervisory Board of the Hi-Tech Park considered new applications from the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs claiming to become residents of the Park.
The Supervisory Board decided to register the following companies as residents of the Hi- Tech Park:

Intetics Belweb-site
[Certificate #87]
The company is focused on creating operational remote IT departments for companies for application development, software testing, system administration and data processing.

[Certificate #88]
The company specializes in development of knowledge-intensive software for telecommunication systems integration.

[Certificate #89]
The company specializes in development of knowledge-intensive corporate informational systems of production operation and systems of analytical information processing.

Premium Softweb-site
[Certificate #90]
The company specializes in development of software for automation of insurance activities, e-documents workflow, organization of databanks and intelligent information processing.

"Central Research Institute of Control Systems Engineering" has renewed HTP registration of its business-project "Development and Implementation of Automated System for Monitoring the Status and Development of the Industrial Complex".

As of April 20, 2009, 84 companies are registered as Hi-Tech Park residents.