Job Fair for IT Specialists was Held in HTP

13 November 2013

Job fair for IT specialists was held in the HTP on November 12, 2013. Graduates of the third practical course of the HTP Educational Center defended their projects to their potential employers - representatives of the HTP resident-companies.

During the final project defense, members of 3 teams, the most successful trainees of such educational programs as Java Developer, Front-End Developer, Software Testing Engineer and Business Analyst, presented their projects to the expert committee. The trainees developed one of the HRMS-INFO modules. Oracle Database was used to implement the project. Agile Scrum methodology allowed to organize work within the team, as well as cooperation among teams.

Among members of the expert committee there were representatives of the HTP resident-companies (over 70 HTP residents representatives attended the event, looking for talented employees). The guests received comprehensive information about each graduate: a full CV, a review on the implemented functionality, a personal reference by a supervisor and a review of his or her competencies. The experts praised the level of training and the format of the project defense.

"I view the level of training as high, especially given the fact that many of the students do not have IT-specific education. Over a relatively short period of time the Educational Center manages to turn them into good professionals with solid knowledge and skills, thanks to the teachers expertise and the use of the advanced techniques, mostly practical, which are applied in real companies," noted Denis Syraeshko, Project Manager at Intetics Bel.

For reference:

As a result of the 2 first specialized courses, which completed in May and June 2013, about 90% of the HTP Educational Center graduates have jobs by now.