SEF.BY2Students 2013 Brought Together More than 750 Students From All Over Belarus

9 December 2013

The software engineering forum for students SEF.BY2Students 2013 gathered over 750 participants from different regions of Belarus this year. The event was organized by Infopark, the Hi-Tech Park Administration and the Ministry of Education and took place on December 7 in the Palace of Culture of the Minsk Tractor Works.

The most attention was paid to presentations made by experts - directors and chief executives of IT-companies as well as representatives of the electronic media with the focus on the IT industry. The experts spoke about peculiarities of working in the IT sphere, subtleties of certain professions and possible pitfalls of pursuing an IT career. The forum was attended by the HTP resident-companies, such as Itransition (A1QA)IBA GroupGameStreamEPAM SystemsQulix Systems, among others. You may view videos with the SEF.BY2Students 2013 presentations here.

This year there have been some changes concerning companies poster presentations. In addition to general information about vacancies and peculiarities of work in a given organization, the students could get more information on training courses and educational centers in the IT sphere, including those established by the HTP resident-companies.

At the closure of the forum, prizes from the partners were drawn among the most attentive students.